Remember to BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, and a reminder on how to BLOG

Whenever you do something for the project, we need you to add a short post about what you did. Sign with your initials. This is important for us when we do our monthly reports. We have to say what everyone on the team has been doing.

So if you reviewed our project mission statement we need to know it! Also put your initials on the entry so Matt and I know who is doing what. 

Last night at our meeting, we learned just how important documentation is. We lost one of our pulley's for the sand filter structure. Everyone looked everywhere to no avail. Then Phil suggested we watch the video and see if we had any clues to what happened. Thanks to video documentation which caught the incident that led to the missing pulley on "tape"....we know exactly what happened and can recover it.

So if you put in a requisition form-- blog it
If you took videos- blog it
If you researched methods to get rid of e coli- blog it (even if you didn't find anything out--report what you did.)
If you did an administrative function-- blog it.....

If you need a reminder on how to blog--here are the steps.

1) Go to the team blog:
2) In the upper most right hand corner-- click on SIGN IN
3) In the email box type: ; in the password box type: OUR PASSWORD!; click on sign in
4) Once you have logged on you have to click on our blog title: Click on the words BIOAUSABLE Project
5) Now you are on the overview page; to make a post, click on the orange button on the left hand side towards the top of the page that says NEW POST
6) Enter a title for you post where it says POST TITLE
7) Enter your text in the large box in the center of the screen by clicking in the box and typing. Use underline, bold, color, italics text as needed. If you need to put a link in, click on the link button. The picture button allows you to insert an image.
8) On the right hand side, click on the label button. You need to select at least three labels:

  • the department team you are posting for
  • the function of the post: either meeting, task (related to a task you were assigned), or administrative (the blog post from this email would be administrative)
  • WHAT'S NEW-- this is a label so that when you log on to read, you can click on WHAT'S NEW and see all the posts for the last three weeks. 
Click on DONE
9) Click on ABCcheck icon to spell check. Make any needed changes.
10) Add your initials at the bottom. (the co-leaders use admin!) 
11) Click on the orange Publish button on the top line.

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