TUESDAY, 20 DECEMBER 2011 *UPDATED!* (Meeting Scheduled)

CHANGED! Fabrication and Testing Meeting is Scheduled for Tuesday, December 20

There will be a meeting Tuesday Night (December 20) 7pm at Plattsburgh State at "our lab" at Beaumont Hall Room 113 (basement). This meeting is for the Fabrication Team and the Testing Team.  

-  The fabrication team will make a small modification to our tower structure. (The middle support layer needs to be raised up as it covers the electrical outlet.) The fabrication team will then play with pulleys and work on strengthening handles for the buckets. 
  -  The testing team will talk about what we need to do to get e coli out of the water and how we will test the water. 

-  We also need at least one photographer/videographer to attend.
-  Younger members who want to take pictures or talk about testing are welcome to join us.
-  Please RSVP to Mrs. Sayward to let her know who is able to come. (M.R.)

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