LOGO Decision and TShirt Selection

At the meeting last night, we discussed the logo. The team likes the logo with the water glass pouring water. They would like to use the lettering "look" from the water faucet option.

I need the Art team to get together (email wise) and coordinate the final logo and post it. You should have each others emails on the team roster that the Personnel department sent out. 

We talked about team shirt colors. Since dark blue is no longer an option, (White, cool grey, light blue, red) the team decided on RED shirts. (Think Cornell colors and not TARGET!) We will double check with everyone on the Jan 5 meeting. (MIT video conference). Art team, can you make sure the colors will work on a RED shirt and also have a back up set of colors for the cool gray option. (Probable back up--white is pretty impractical!) (admin)

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