The Wollastonite Has Arrived

The title says all. We picked up about about 20 buckets of Wollastonite yesterday afternoon and unloaded it at the lab this morning. Wollastonite (CaSiO3) will form the core of our Greek Yogurt Whey pre-filtration system, so it is particularly fortunate that we've acquired it at this early stage in our testing.

Just a couple of notes:

-We will be meeting with Professor Larkin this Wednesday to continue the testing process and discuss preparation for the science fairs. However, I find it advisable that we hold another building meeting, maybe earlier in the week, to begin assembling the Whey pre-filters. Thoughts?

- Special shout-out to Sullivan from the team for his amazing work last week at our construction meeting. While not even an official member of the team, his assistance in constructing the frame to hold our filtration system proved invaluable. Thanks Sul!

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