11/06/13 Meeting Notes

We met with Professor Larkin this week, who spoke to us on a wide variety of topics, including testing, preparation for the science fair, and our filter design. Although I will cover every topic in detail in a separate, longer blog post, I thought I should post the weekly meeting notes anyway.

- We discussed testing contaminated water. We decided that the ideal water for us to test for E. coli and other organisms would be water contaminated by surface runoff from a dairy farm near our project's site. Such water will be high in E. coli and coliform, and will prove far more effective in testing then our other options.

- We began construction on the wooden frame needed to support our filtration system. Within two meetings this should be complete (UPDATE: As of this writing, it is now finished).

- Ideally, we should have begun testing about a month ago. As is, we're running low on time before winter arrives.

That's all for Meeting Notes this week. I'll write a longer, more detailed post about our meeting tomorrow or Monday.


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