October Monthly meeting

We had a Monthly meeting tonight at the Grange Hall in Keesville, it was the first one so it was a little disorganized but it turned out well. The people there were:

- Harrison
- Michaela
- Alex
- Liam
- Matthew
- Caleb (came in just after the meeting was done)

- Melissa
- Matt
- Marlene
- Lisa
- Mary (for the beginning of the evening)

- Grace
- Paul
- Mikayla

Michaela and Harrison were the main leaders of the meeting, Matthew took the minutes and Melissa and Matt provided details/entertainment. There were no motions passed, no old business, the new business was out on a piece of paper that Melissa had emailed earlier this week. The meeting went from 7:17-8:04PM (19:17-20:04). That is the meeting in a nutshell..


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