The writing of the "Final Report"

The writing of the Final Report was very interesting. It took various meetings and a lot of man power to make it work (not to mention a late night or two). There was a bit of copy and pasting from what we had already written, a bit of drawing, some charts (they weren't easy to make because of the data entry we had to do), diagram making, and all around good writing. The big push came one Thursday evening where we worked into the night (2 AM) but we got it to a point where we were happy with the report. It was suppose to be in the next day by 5 PM, but we latter found out we had another week and that the previous night's effort could have been spread out a bit. We used this extra time to find spelling and grammatical errors, and refine some sections that we found to be rather crudely put together. The biggest problem was Google Docs (tm), it looked slightly different on each persons computer and there were blank pages all over the place that were hidden from view. We found fixes, and with a lot of index renumbering, we got the pages sorted out. It got in on time and was all-in-all a very good Final Report.


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