Meeting-Sunday May Six

We met on Sunday, the sixth of May, at the Peru Fire House. Those who attended where Joshua, Mat, Max, Micheal, Jesse, Liam, Grace, Caleb, Harrison, Sullivan, Alex.

Joshua worked on comic instruct.
Mat worked on the brochure.
Max edited 2 videos- he tried uploading to YouTube, but the system would not take the videos.
Michael edited his section on how a sand filter works.
Jesse sorted photos and gathered in one place. Story boarded the video.
Liam located photos from various computer files.
Caleb worked on technical drawings, and edited the brochure.
Alex went shopping for supplies and did the water testing.
Harrison entered receipts and added water to the filter.
Sullivan collected water and helped Alex test the water.
Grace entered data in the blog and helped prepare dinner.

We purchased additional space on our Dropbox. We also purchased six water bottles for the water testing.

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