May 15, 2012 Learning How To Test Water

Today we  learned how to test water and how to clean the viles without scratching them up. We also learned how Endyne tests their water. We also learned how to prepare the viles for testing.

We have new procedures for testing using the LaMotte 2020 wi turbidimeter calibration system:

1. Calibrate the system according to the manual.
2. Take the glass vial and pour distilled water into the vial. Shake to remove foreign materials, and dump the water out. Repeat the process two more times.
3. Collect a water sample from your filters and cap your sample. Invert the sample jar three times to ensure the water particles are spread throughout the sample.
4. Pour the sample into the glass test vial. Cap the test vial. Shake the sample and dump the sample out. Complete this step one more time.
5. Invert your test sample three times. Immediately pour into your test vial. Invert your test vial five times. Wipe down the vial with a lint-free cloth.
6. Place the vial in the turbidity meter.
7. Use meter to test the sample from the filters.

Those who learned how to water test were the following: Caleb, Alex, Liam, Grace, Vienna, Bradley
Those who attended the meeting were: Harrison, Caleb, Alex, Liam, Grace, Vienna, Bradley, Matthew, Joshua, Michael, Emma.

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