VideoTelecon Meeting Notes

We had a video conference with Justin Lai. the following members were present: Josh B., Michael B., Tianze Z., Jesse M., Vienna A., Alex R., Grace S., Liam S., Gideon S., Caleb C., and Harrison., K.

Caleb gave the fabrication report and MIT asked what we planned to bring to the Eureka Fest. Also MIT asked if we can put documentation up on the web page.

Liam gave the testing report and MIT wanted us to share our progress in the blog.

Harrison did the accounting report. MIT received most of the reports, but needs the reciept from Jan 18 for Adirondack Hardware. Harrison dis not get this one.

Jesse gave the web report. MIT recommended the we put up a google map with member location and places that we are involved in.

Vienna gave the photography report. MIT said we needed more photos and videos for the website.

Alex gave the personel report.

MIT recommendations are:
  • more blog entries, 
  • we need to put up videos and more photos, 
  • work on fundraising for Eureakfest if we need it
    think about how to display the material for the Eureakfest,
  • get the system up and running and determine water flow rates. 

Matt mentioned that the team will be presenting at the Champlain Valley Science Fair on April 21, 2012. (Alex R.)

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