Here are the meeting times for our next meetings:

SAT 18 FEB 5pm- Peru Fire House--assemble 1 and 1/2 filters  All of the materials are at the firehouse. We will need to re-assemble the first filter as it was disassemble to move it. FABRICATION team and any one who wants to help.

MON 20 FEB 3-5pm-Video And Photography Team meeting at Peru Fire House. We will be sorting pictures and uploading to our website and blog, putting together some initial videos to go on YTUBE (and uploading them). Please bring a computer if possible and join us. For the younger photographers we need to practice photographing people--we discovered we have tons of pictures with body parts but not "whole" people. (We will be working at the tables in the big common room.)

THUR 23 FEB 2pm Testing team at the PERU FIRE HOUSE- will start our testing plans and actual testing. We have some water samples in to the lab at Plattsburgh Sate and will continue this week to find our contaminated water. You will need to bring with you to this meeting your idea for getting e coli out and a plan to do it so we can start! We will set up our test parameters. I may have you do the actual testing at your house. You will need to know what substance and how much of it will be needed to add to the water. I have the test kits from Plattsburgh State. They can be dropped off at Plattsburgh State. Prof Mihuc also told Liam and I how to make contaminated water so we can manufacture the water for you to test.

for your calendars:
(Wednesday 29 Feb: Monthly report due)

WEDNESDAY 7 MARCH Field Trip to RIT- Joshua, Tianze, Jesse, Vienna, Harrison, Alex, Liam, Grace (and Gideon for the ride)* Let me know if you want to go but are not on the list.
MONDAY 19 MARCH 4pm Peru Fire house; Monthly videoconference with MIT

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