Jan 30, 2014

Matthew and I discussed the filters and where to put the plant. At first, we were thinking of putting it on the top of the structure, but then we would have to drill holes in the ceiling and hang the light like that or put the light across the structure. The light would keep the plant alive, but would block the bucket and we wouldn’t be able to pour water into our system. We decided  to put the plant into the 55 Gallon drum and put the light across there. We don’t need to pour the water into the 55 Gallon drum, so that will work very well. Matthew will run it by our professors to make sure that can be doable. He also suggested to let our contaminated water sit for a few days so the nitrates can form. Right now, there is only ammonia in the water. The nitrates, if there are any, would be in the 55 Gallon drum in the Biofilm layer.


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