November 30,2013 (How to Build the Filters by Alex)

How to build the filters
Note: This is how to build a 2 tiered system.

Needed: 8 five gallon buckets for each cascading system (4 buckets for each individual filter)

Make a hole 2 inches from the bottom on one 5 gallon bucket, this is the bottom bucket.

Drill a hole in a cap and place PVC pipe screw piece through the hole. Put a rubber washer on the screw piece. You then place a elbow( threaded on one side) on the screw part sticking out of the hole. A straight piece of PVC piping connects this to another screw piece that has the thread part sticking out of the hole on the side of the bucket

After placing the PVC contraption in the bucket, place 2 inches of gravel in the bucket. It must be enough to cover the PVC contraption.

Drill small holes on the bottom of 3 five gallon buckets

Place a screen the size of the top of the bucket in  2 of these drilled buckets.

 Place a circle of clear, plastic pipe, connected by a pipe connector, on top of the screen to hold it down. Pour 4 inches of pea gravel in one of the buckets.

For the next one, place a circle of clear, flexible pipe, connected together by a pipe connector, (the size of the bucket rim) on top of the screen to keep it from getting pulled up. You then place 3 inches of red sand in the bucket.

(Note: For the water filters, you place red sand into the sand bucket. The whey cascading filters have 3 inches of black sand in the buckets and 8 inches of Wollastonite in the other whey buckets)

Place the final bucket on top of the sand bucket for a catch bucket.

Repeat this process for the second 4 bucket system, the catch buckets is in both filters.

You now have a 2 tiered system!

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