What we did on Nov 15, 2013

At the LaRows, we first poured 35 1\2 gallons of Wollastonite into the 55 Gallon drum. As Matthew and Andrew poured, I washed out the empty buckets. Andrew drilled holes into the bottom of 6 of the buckets and Matthew drilled a hole into 2 of the buckets 2 in from the bottom.
We made the cap system for the 2 buckets with the side hole. This consists of the cap with a hole drilled  close to the side. You then place a ‘screw’ through the hole with the threads sticking out. The ‘screw’ has the black rubber washer in it. We only had one, so one bucket has the washer in it. We then placed 2in of gravel into these buckets, enough to cover the cap system. The 6 buckets with holes on the bottom has a screen mesh the size of the top of the bucket plus a little more as there is a ring of plastic tubing 29in long with a pipe connector attaching the two ends. This tube goes in the bucket to hold the screen down. In two of the buckets have 4in  of pea gravel and  two of them will have 7in of red sand. We only had enough for one bucket, so we will have to get more red sand before, we can finish. We didn't place the Tantalus on as we didn't have time and I was told that the Tantalus doesn't work. I say they will work, just turn them a bit till the water pours out.

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