November 7, 2012 Leadership Activity

The BioAusable team participated in a team leadership activity on November 7, 2012.. Jesse, Matthew, Liam, and Ben were attending. The activity, led by 4-H leader Alexa K., participated in a hypothetical scenario that envisioned the team members were workers at a balloon factory. The team, working together, had to figure out the balloon factory’s policies through trial and error. Alexa K., who led the project, acted as the balloon factory manager, and would pop any balloons that violated the rules. The activity, in addition to being quite entertaining and fun for the team members who were in attendance, helped to guide the team to realizing that social engineering- the building of the team and its development- is just as (if not more) complicated than physical engineering. As our team moves forward, this is a valuable lesson to keep in mind. Matthew

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