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Hi Mat-These are my most current emails from and to Rose

My partner says that we can these things. I will attach his answer.

> Yes we can get 1/2 " pvc pipe and fittings. Usually fittings are about 50 cents to one dollar each. rubber gaskets and pipe cutters are also available here, although I am not sure on prices. Window screening comes per meter and 3ft to 4ft roles plastic and some kind of metal or aluminum about 2 dollars per meter. Plastic drums are readily available but are valued and are not cheap. 5 gallon would be about 2 dollars and I think a 55 gallon drum would be about 35 to 40 dollars.
> hope that helps!!


Hi Mat-

I am currently in Egypt helping a family with the birth of their new baby. I am unsure of the prices and availability of these items but I will forward this letter to my partners who are on the ground in the Philippines and we will try to get estimates for you soon.


On Apr 12, 2012, at 3:13 AM, mat@******.com wrote:

> Dear Rose,
> We have some questions that we would like you to answer. We need this
> information as part of our project presentation of the Biosand Filter.
> What is the availability and cost of 1/2 in(or equivalent to 1/2 an inch)
> pvcpipe. I would also like the availability and cost of
> - pvc joints: 90 degree elbows.
> - rubber gaskets
> - pipe cutters
> - and screening,(example window screening)
> I would like to know if you can get 5 gallon and 55 gallon plastic drums
> for
> free, or at a what cost?
> How many people will you be able to teach how to make a Water Filter in a
> year?
> Here are the links that show you how to make the water filter.
> and
> ml
> Please take a look at the video and the pictures that show you step by step
> how
> to make the sand filter.(NOTE: this does not include the prefilters, but
> the
> prefilters are mini sand filters) it should give you an idea on how long it
> will
> take to teach people.
> Will you be able to teach the people how to make the water filter as well
> as the
> pre-filters, which are mini water filters, and how to operate the Water
> Filter
> system?
> Thank you,
> Mat **** Liason

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