Turbidity Testing on Tuesday and Wedneday 13-14 March

Tuesday Bradley, Grace, and Liam added water to the filter and tested the turbidity. They decided that 10 tests would be recorded for each sample so the outliers could be discarded and a statistical answer found for the result. They considered graphing the solutions with software. They decided the turbidity settles over time, so they wold slightly swirl the sample and allow it to come to rest before putting in back in the turbidity meter. The turbidity scores were much higher. The water in was testing at about 48 and the water from both filters was in the 3 range.

A chart is hung on the structure to record the readings.  

Wednesday Grace and Liam added water and tested. They noticed the filters were both doing better than the day before. The Black filter ranged from 0.17-0.7

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