Sunday 4 March 2012

The fabrication team met at the Peru Fire House to work on the pre-filter. First they tried to make a "loop" with a 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe. This type of Tantalus did not work.

Then they made three coils with clear flexible tubing.  This was a much smaller coil then the first one. It turns out that it did not work well after 2 cycles as it over flowed the bucket.

We shortened it to two coils and made the coil diameter smaller. This did not work well. It trickled all the time.We then added to 90 degree angle elbows inside the bucket. This offers the most promise. But it does not turn off neatly. We will need to do something to the ends to make it end the cycle neatly.

Caleb had some ideas but we did not have the parts so we will need to try them another day.

Members Present: Caleb, Tianze, Josh, Michael, Liam, Grace, and Gideon
G.S. and M.B.

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  1. Hey team-

    Thanks so much for the many recent updates. Please keep it up! You can never document too much.

    I would suggest adding a category of posts that describes what you plan to bring/show at EurekaFest. Then, as you make progress throughout the next weeks, you can make updated posts to see how your plan changes over time.

    Begin with the end in mind! :-)