Saturday, 3 March 2012

The team met to work on the pre-filters. The first thing we did was to work with the Tantalus, which we are using to attempt to allow the water to flow in interrupted cycles. We have created a test model to determine whether or not the Tantalus (or another object of similar function) can fulfill this goal. If we can find a way to work the Tantalus, it would create a sustainable biofilter that would be more easy to run.

To build this device, a bulkhead fitting was placed at the base of a 5 gallon bucket, then clear PVC tubing was inserted in the bulkhead and coiled twice around the frame. The coils trap air and water. As the bucket is filled, the height of the water of the bucket finally gets strong enough to blow the air bubbles and water out of the way. It then drains until there is not enough water in the bucket to displace the air. We are using a pump to recycle the water through a garden hose back to the first bucket for testing purposes. 

Rather than moving the unwieldy pre-filters, which would be difficult considering the amount of sand and water contained, we are attempting to allow our device to move water through the tubes on its own, without requiring human intervention. However, we have yet to find a device which can fulfill all of our goals, and are currently experimenting with the tantalus. These experiments, coupled with other ideas, are proving successful as the flow of water is increased.

Carrying in Water
As a result to this change of plans, we are revising our mission statement to be more in accord with these new developments. 

Team Members
Liam, Grace, Matthew C., Harrison, Tianze, Sullivan, Michael, Josh, and the two leaders were in attendance. (mc).

Example of how a Tantalus works.
Gif taken from

Our Tantalus.

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