Public relations for New York State Troopers

I have been with the water gathering group, three times, in the past eight days. A week ago, Sunday, March 18, my husband and I took a group to gather river water for the project. A state trooper, Officer Champagne, stopped by to see what we were doing. My husband spoke to her and explained  the project. The following Thursday, March 22, I took a group to gather water. During our time there another state trooper stopped by. Officer Houle came and checked out what we were doing. I  proceeded to explain the 4-H project. He thought it was very interesting. Fast forward to this afternoon, Sunday, March 25, I took another group to collect river water. During our time gathering, a state trooper's car slowed down, looked at us, then drove off. We assume it was the father, of some of the 4-H members, who knows about our project.  A while later, another state trooper slowed down, waved at us, then drove off.  I waved back. The kids mentioned that he had pulled a "U" y and was coming to see us.  I walked over to Officer Davies and explained what we were up to.  He found it to be quite interesting and we proceeded to have a short chat.  I felt I must blog this as I seem to be the Public Relations person for the New York State Troopers.

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