Contacted Endyne- local testing facitlity

I called Endyne, a state certified water testing lab in Plattsburgh. They are very willing to talk to us about turbidity and how they do their testing. They will go over our testing procedures with us and make recommendations.

They will explain the different tests they do. 

They charge $15 for a water solids test to know what is in the water
They charge $11 for a turbidity test.

The woman I spoke with wondered if what we are seeing in our turbidity of 1.x (where x is variable) is really just some small particles of sand and not contaminates. She recommended a screen filter at the output. We talked about several options, especially recycled items.

We will need to test a piece of cotton that we boil/sanitize and put it on the inside of the filter at the output location. This will keep any "stray" sand from coming out. If it is inside the filter, it will limit external contaminates. It would need to get changed regularly. We will have to test to determine how regularly is needed. Externally, we would replace every other day at minimum.

For initial testing we can see if this makes a difference by having the water poured through a cloth before we put it in the testing bottle.


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