New Location For the Sand Filters

We have been looking for new locations. We contacted several organizations to see if they would house our project.

We still have messages out at two locations (water testing facitlities).

Seton Catholic- local high school has space (an entire classroom) but thier insurance would restrict us to times when someone from the administration was there. They can not support our weekend needs.

Plattsburgh Air Force Base Redevelopment Corporation- spoke with a member of the administration who will have someone else return our call on Wednesday. The person who can most likely help is is available on Wednesday afternoons.

The Development Corp- spoke with Keith Matott who will look into space in the Plattsburgh/Peru area. He said he just rented a space that would be perfect for us. He will look through the properties they manage and see if they can find anything.

Keeseville Civic Center /Town Hall-The Civic center is no longer being used and is vacant but cannot have occupants. The Town Hall recongized our need and thought if they had space they would be willing to help. They are using all of their space at this time. They recomemeded we contact Peru Fire Department.

Peru Fire Department- Spoke with both a member of the department and he fire Chief. Fire Chief feels it will be a good possibility but needs permission from the Fire Commissioner. There is someone at the fire department 24 hours a day and access will not be an issue. There is space. The Fire Chief requested just the adult leaders meet with the Fire Commissioner Tuesday night to present the project and request final approval.

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