We met with Leigh Estabrooks from MIT. 14 members of the team were present along with 2 leaders, 1 Extension Representative, 5 parents. We met in the lobby of Beaumont Hall.

1) Introduction:
Leigh gave a welcome.
2) Project Update:
Caleb C gave the project update. He talked about how we washed sand and how we are ready to make the filters. Matt C. talked about how the filters will help those in the Philippines. Lee talked about the importance of International Development.
3) Trip to MIT/Eureka Fest
Leigh asked if there were questions.
Matt C. asked about written final report.  Leigh said take application and monthly reports and put together with pictures and videos to make the final report. This is sent before the trip to EurekaFest
Eureka Fest:Celebration at the end of the year (20-23 June 2012
Meet inventors: Midcareer individuals who like helping youth and working
Also offer $30,000 grants for college inventors.
  • Wednesday night - is a BBQ- hot dogs and hamburgers and time to meet all the teams
  • Thursday- Presentations from MIT on what it means to be an inventor (in the AM) and in the afternoon 4 teams are chosen to present. There are 15 teams. Teams are chosen by 1) if they did what they set out to do 2) met all the requirements and deadlines 3) if they express they want to present.
  • Friday- All teams present on Thrs/Fri night: Showcases to MIT community like fair presnetations. Dress is business casual- (Admin note: plan to wear your project shirt and either black dress pants or a black skirt)
  • Saturday- Team problem at the Science Museum
*We are the first 4H team to apply and be accepted.

Leigh will be meeting with national 4H office to talk about the curriculum that will be written to help other 4H groups to be involved with inventions that make a difference in the world. 

4) Videos:
Leigh showed 3 videos
  1. about the Lemelson-MIT project
  2. video of Columbia High School from Columbia Georgia. Talk about device to alert people to lightening strikes
  3. Lemelson project inventor grants--3 types
  • 15 high school grants
  • 2 college grants
  • 2 prize grants awarded to mid-level and beginning inventors for inventions in sustainability ($100,000 award and $500,000 award)
**one of the inventors reminded us to take our wildest dream and realize them
**another reminded us to "fail fast and fail often"EurekaFest

After the presentations, the team took Leigh to the lab and showed the work so far. Leigh
  • recommended we make pictorial instructions on how to wash sand and how to build the filter
  •  send thank you notes for the lab and every time we interact with someone
  • look for Eureka moments

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