Video conference with MIT
Justin Lai gave us ideas regarding several subjects, such as communication and blogging. Department leaders gave him updates on what their latest projects and assignments were.
Administrative Meeting
Discussed resumes, monthly meeting schedule, departments, communication, our blog, MIT project page, accountability, and color of shirt.

Additional Details:

-       Resume paperwork was handed out to those who have not received it yet and all were reminded to get their resumes done.

-        Discussed how Monthly MIT video conferences will be the first Thursday of the month at Clinton or Essex County Coop. Ext (alternate locations). Team Meeting/Administration meeting to follow.

-        Reviewed departments and adjusted names. Art department should be thinking of a logo. Drafting team should meet this week to learn CAD.

-        Discussed importance of a good system of communication. All were asked to make sure correct email addresses are listed on the sign in sheet and to check email at least twice a week. All were asked to keep the BioAusable blog ( ) up to date by adding summaries after every meeting. Login and password were given out and a demonstration of how to edit the blog was given.

-        All were asked to preview MIT project page (

-        Ideas for repercussions for not getting tasks done by due dates were discussed. Team work, asking for help, and accountability were discussed. An idea: when a deadline is missed, the member should explain why the deadline was not met at the next monthly meeting.

-        Voted on color for the shirt. Final consensus was blue.
Visited Lab Facility at Plattsburgh State University, Beaumont Hall
Room measurements were taken and modifications discussed.

Questions explored: (Anyone who was there please update)

-        How should we build the structure that will hold the fish tank?

-        Will the pre-filters hang from fish tank structure? How should we make the pre-filter structure hang--should we use rope, wire, etc?

-        Should we use a pulley, bicycle wheel, or something else to hang the buckets and move the buckets up and down to aerate the water?

-        How should we strengthen the bucket handles--will they be strong enough once the sand is in it to hold them?

Future meetings/things to think about: Dr. Mihuc will be giving us e coli testing equipment which will be our first task for the testing team. You will need to make a list of possible ways we could get e. coli out of the water using no cost options. We will then begin to test the ideas. Dr. Mihuk will give all of us a tour of the Institute and the testing facility later in the month.


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