Meeting 29 December 2011

Our next meeting has something for EVERYONE! We will meet at Plattsburgh State on Thursday 29 December 2011 at the lab- Beumont Hall in room 113. This meeting is for all teams--if you haven't been to our lab, it is warm!! Please dress so that you can adjust your clothing for the greater than "normal level of heat" in the room. Those not working in the lab will be upstairs on floor two in the science center lounge. You can always come and help other teams--especially the sand washing crew...... Please bring a sack lunch and something to drink.

Meeting at 10AM

Fabrication team + young assistants will be washing the sand. This is a critical job. If you have downloaded the manual on making a biosand filter you will find the directions for washing sand on page 24 (there is a link for the manual on the blog page.) This will take a bit of time. Those not washing sand will be working on the pulley system and strengthening the buckets.

Initially-- EVERYONE there will learn the process to wash sand.

Testing: After all the fabrication, we will check in and assign the herbs you will be assigned to research. I hope to have the pregnancy and lactation issues with the herbs all verified and also hope to hear from the herbalists in the Philippines who know what herbs are available.

Photography and Video: (I will meet with you at 10:20) We will need video throughout the day. We will meet initially to transfer videos and talk about the "BioAusable Movie" We will upload pictures to the website. The meeting will go at least until 2:30. So you can stagger your roles. I will also use the young assistants to take pictures.

Art: (I will meet with you at 10:40) We will go over the logo work and get everything finalized. You will have time to work on the logo after I meet with the writing team. (Emma and Mercedes overlap.)

Writing: (I will meet with you at 11:00) We will set a schedule for writing assignments. You will meet to prepare the Dec MIT report. You will edit it and upload it to the MIT server.

** I need a parent who can supervise the lounge crew while they work. I need to fill in for Matt in the lab starting at 11:30. while he leaves for a bit for a DR apt. OR the alternative is a parent who can supervise the lab crew while I am supervise the lounge work.

Arriving at 1PM
Purchasing and Accounting: we will have a quick 10 minute meeting to see where you are in your processes. Matt will be talking with you about the purchase of the turbitity meter.

Personnel: Please bring the resumes you have received and we will talk about making improvements. We will also talk about personnel assignments. We will work on personnel documentation/roosters. We will need an Internet connection. Alex- please bring your roster on a flash drive--we will be uploading it to the website and making some personnel changes.

*If you are on writing, personal, accounting, purchasing, testing, have a laptop-- please bring it.

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  1. I will be there with Austin and Mercedes on Thursday. I can supervise as needed. We will also bring a laptop to use if needed. - Kelli Rodriguez (Austin and Mercedes Mother)