30 DECEMBER - LOGO CHANGE, Please share your thoughts.

Members of the art team met on 29 December to finalize the logo design. The art team decided on a design like this:
See the copyright mark in the glass?

But a problem came up.  Members of the art team had a hard time finding  images that were not copyrighted to be used in the logo (see the lettering inside the glass). So a new design, using ideas from the originals was created that uses a non-copyrighted picture. Please share your thoughts Emma and the rest of the BioAusable team.  Austin was thinking the below logo options look more mature (less "kid-like").  Mercedes liked the top logo idea with the puddle (but we would have to find or draw a not copyrighted image to use). Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  Thank you. (M.R.)



OPTION C - This one was liked best by Austin R..

1 comment:

  1. I like the water that is pouring. Can Emma draw the logo and we can scan it in?