This meeting, our Fabrication Team began work on our Bio Sand Filter by plunge-cutting our three 55 gallon plastic drums using a reciprocating saw (sawzall). Attending the meeting were Caleb, Matthew, Ben, and Tanza, from the writing and fabrication teams. Matthew, Tanza, and Caleb did the sawing.

First, the team made the initial incision into the biodegradable, food grade plastic drums with a drill, and then used the reciprocating saw to cut around the rest of the barrel. These drums will form the basics of our Bio Sand Filter project pre-filters. Once we cut the lids off the plastic drums, they were saved for a future part in the project. 

Then we removed the plastic edges, first heating a paint scraper then using it to scrape and smooth the plastic drums. An alternative method would be to heat a knife or another sharp implement, then use it to make the cuts and smoothing of the edges rather than a saw or a paint scraper. 

In these drums, which will serve as our pre-filters, we will fill two inches of finer gravel, then two inches of sand. (mc)

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