The fabrication team met at Matt's house. They took a trip to Aubuchon Hardware to purchase fittings and washers. 

Parts Purchased: 

Upon returning, they connected the parts and then tested for leaks in the "faucet"' by filling each of the barrels to ensure water only came out the "faucet." The Faucet was made from a piping coupler and a piece of PVC tubing.

Once all three barrels were tested, the team assembled the tubing in a ring configuration with a piece of tubing that would extend from the ring at the bottom of the barrel up the side of the barrel to the faucet. The team drilled holes in the tubing to get the water to flow from the bottom of the barrel out the faucet.

Fabrication team members present were Caleb, Michaela, Jesse, and Liam. Video Team lead Marshall and photographer Grace were also present.  (admin)

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